Things to Know:

  1. Tournaments – each team plays in about 2 tournaments per month.  Practice 2 times a week.  depending on the level of the team, they play in about 2-5 multi-day tournaments.
  2. Cost For Teams – All checks must be made out to Princeton Volleyball Club.  There is a link for the costs on the home page.  Notice of not attending a tournament must be at least 4 weeks in advance.   Details of tournament attendance will be discussed at Coaches Night (ranking tournaments/overnight tournaments/open tournaments/AAU tournaments/Invite only tournaments)
  3. GEVA/AAU Membership Costs – Geva=$55 , AAU=$14 this is done on line and directions are through the online registration under teams.
  4. Carpooling for Tournaments/Chaperons – The teams parent coordinator will help arrange carpools for each team for each tournament.
  5. Uniform & Sweat Suit sizing – New players will need to be sized for sweats once teams are selected!  All players will need to be sized for Uniforms and ordered after teams are selected
  6. College research and recruiting information…skills videos dates etc. – Please contact your coach for advise and help with the recruiting process.
  7. Parent Shirts – We will be selling them again this season.  We will have samples at the coaches meeting.  Parents, you will look Fantastic on the sidelines.  Thanks for all your support this past season.
  8. Junior Player Required Certifications  – Players need to be certified for R2 &/or scorekeeping.  These are now done through an online course through GEVA/USAV.
  9. Payments – Make all checks out to Princeton Volleyball Club.  There is a PAYPAL  link on the home page to make payments online also.
  10. Directions – Parent coordinators will email out directions and pool play prior to tournaments.  Also practice facility directions can be found on our website.