Princeton Volleyball Club 16-3 Regional Team Page

Princeton Volleyball Club 16-3 Regional Team 2015-16
Coaches Posts:
Princeton VBC 16-3 Regional
 Photo Last Name First Name Jersey # Position
Drumwright Isabel 18
Herrington Alyssa 2
Innocenti Taylor 28
Karnad Anoushka 5
Mitra Ramyani 12
Nose Lillian 8
Perschilli Alyssa 13
Rubin Amanda 15
Stanton Marlena 7
Vaca Carolyn 19
 Head Coach  Tricoche  Dom
 Assistant Coach  Lester  Erin
Tournament Schedule:
Month Dates Name of Tournament Location  Accepted 
9 Scrimmage CJVA
17-19 MLK Lancaster Yes
24 16 GEVA Club 1 Various Yes
13 OCVBC 16 Club St Barbara Greek Church Yes
28 GEVA 16 Club 2 Various Yes
20 Alpha Gamma 16 Club College Of New Rochelle, NY Yes
9 CJ Heat 16 Club All Seasons Sports Academy, NJ Yes
10 Princeton VBC Villa Victoria, NJ Yes
17 GEVA 16 Club Regionals Various Yes
Memorial Day weekend 28-30 Happy Volley Penn State Yes
Practice Schedule:
16-3 Tue 7-9pm WWPS Old Gym, Fri 7-9pm WWPS Main Gym