Princeton Volleyball Club 18-1 National Team Page

18-1 National Princeton Volleyball Club Team 2015-16


Princeton Volleyball Club 18-1 National Team Roster
Photo Last First Number Postion
Barkley Danae 13
Brown Bianca 15
Collito Morgan 26
Foley Kate 28
Kern Emma 6
Kuiken Carrie 3
Ligos Birdie 21
Park Jinae 12
Smith Robin 27
Weeden Sarah 8
Zinnen Ali 10
Head Coach Schweitzer Joe
Assistant Coach Rutz Greg


Tournament Schedule:

Month Dates Name of Tournament Location Accepted
Jan 9, 1pm-530pm Scrimmage WWPS
16-18 MLK Lancaster Yes
7 GEVA Open Power League #1 RED Various Yes
13-15 Capitol Hill Washington DC Yes
maybe 26-28 18s Qualifier – New England Pre-Q New England Pending/must qualify with ranking
6 GEVA Open Power League #2 RED Various Yes
3/12-3/13 MAPL Raleigh, NC NO
13 GEVA 18 Open BID (Single Day) Various YES
18-20 Qualifier – NEQ I Philadelphia, PA Yes
3 GEVA OPEN Power League #3 RED Various Yes
10 GEVA 18 Open Regionals Various Yes
23-24 MAPL York York, PA York Expo Center Yes
29-30 GJNC – 18s (Milwaukee) Milwaukee YES, IF Qualify. This is the main focus for 18’s NATIONALS
Memorial Day weekend 28-30 Happy Volley Penn State YES
June 22-26 AAU Nationals Orlando Florida Pending
June 28- July 1 GJNC Indianapolis, IN Pending

Practice Schedule:

18-1 Tues/Thurs 8-10pm WWPS Main Gym
*Exceptions – 3/17 8:30-10pm, 4/21 8:30-10pm, 4/28 8:30-10pm